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ScrilltownMO LLC

                          Welcome to ScrilltownMO..

                                                                 "Money, Music, & Fashion" 

           #wstwsu #scrilltownmo #moneytownusa #scrilltownclothing 

Beware!! Lyrical Content..  "Venom & Vaccines"

"Venom & Vaccines" the Hot New Single and Video Available Aug 16th!!

Artist Development, Management, Distribution, & Consulting.. 

What can we do for YOU?


Are you looking for management, consulting and /or representation that you can trust.. Are you looking for some advice on your next project/album?

We have a variety of services to offer YOU:

 Audio/Video Distribution

                  Digital platform playlist promos                       

   Social media Promotion/Marketing

 Campaign packages (Bundle Deals) 

                                       Radio & Song Placements (FM, Digital, Internet or International Radio spins or song sync-licensing)

Song/Album Promo Charting

DJ Pool Campaigns

Major Magazine/Blog Placements

Here are the hourly services that we offer:

A & R Consulting: 

Song consultation, and marketing concepts.

 $50/ Hour

Music Career/Project Management Consulting:

Professional Advice, Tips, Key Connections, and suggestions on helping to blossom your career. 

$75/ Hour

Artist Management/Pitching: 

Representing clients for any negotiable deals/contracts (promotion, developmental, marketing, distribution), artist promotion, advertising/marketing, etc.

 $1500/ Year or $500/Month

Artist Development:

Mentoring, instructing, educating the artist on the music industry/business, the "how to's" to your music career. 

$450/ Month 

Custom Promotional Packages: ($300 & up)

Radio/Video Campaigns, Magazine Placements, Spotify, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok Growth, etc..

**Pricing Varies Depending On Items Selected**